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MED DRUG & DNA TESTING is one of the largest provider of DNA testing in the country. The specimens are collected by our well trained sample Collectors from the patient. We offer convenient access to testing and services through our AABB accredited and NYSDOH Laboratory to the general public, private clients, healthcare agencies, and legal professionals in the United States and throughout the world. Our DNA relationship testing have been used to resolve cases involving child support, child custodies, Immigration, Inheritance, Birth Certificate, Social security benefits and solving crimes. All testing are conducted legally by our laboratory’s experts in a secure and strict confidentiality.

Why choose Med Drug & DNA Testing for DNA Immigration?


Med Drug & DNA Testing has done many cases these past years with the USCIS. We understand how necessary it is to bring your family to the U.S. Uniting your family through DNA Testing is what we do best. We prioritize our clients and their needs. All of our relationship testing is done through an accredited AABB Laboratory.
We offer legal, accurate, painless and fast DNA relationship testing to our clients. We will coordinate sample collection for both petitioner and beneficiary regardless of the location.
Med Drug & DNA Testing goal is to simply help you and your family reunited in the United States of America with hassle free. Our focus is on great customer service. We answer every question a client asks. Our managers are fluent in English, Fullah, French, and Bengali


Is to establish a genetic proof to determine whether a man is the biological father of a particular child or not. The procedure involves collecting buccal cells inside of both alleged father and Child using cheek swab or blood.


A maternity test determines whether or not a woman is the biological mother of a particular child. The procedure involves collecting buccal cells inside of both alleged mother and child using cheek

Infidelity Test

There is a way to check whether a spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend has been unfaithful behind your back. Stop worrying about whether you are being cheated on and take action today. Simply gather the suspicious sample and send it to us. Then we will tell you the truth.


This DNA test determines the likelihood statistical probability that a person is the grandparent of a child this test is normally done when a paternity test is not an option and thus, the only means of establishing paternity is by testing the alleged father’s parents to see whether they are related to the child

Avuncular test

Known as Aunt or Uncle DNA Testing is normally used to determine if a child is related to their uncle or aunt. It can also be done when the alleged father or mother is deceased or not willing to take the test thus, the only means of establishing relationship is by testing the relatives to see whether they are related to the child

Sibling-ship Testing

This type of DNA test determines the statistical probability that two or more persons are related as full or half brothers or sisters. A sibling DNA test is typically done when a paternity or maternity test is not an option and thus the only way of establishing relationship is by testing the suspected children to see whether they are related to each other.